Feline Acne


Feline Acne is a condition affecting cats which results in pimple like lesions or swelling affecting the chin and lower lip. Although this condition may be unsightly and mildly uncomfortable for [#Pet Name], no serious affects to your cat’s overall health is anticipated.

Feline Acne - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital
Feline Acne - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital


The exact cause is unknown. Some suggest that since the cat cannot lick and effectively groom the chin area, that this may be a factor. Other possible contributing causes are excessive sebum formation causing blackhead type lesions or immune deficiency problems.


The symptoms of feline acne are crusts, bumps, comedos (blackheads), and/ or generalized swelling of the chin area. The lesions may look like pimples and bleed if scratched.


A diagnosis of feline acne is usually made by the characteristic look of and symptoms described above. In atypical cases, a skin biopsy or skin scraping can be done to rule out other causes.


The treatment for feline acne involves regular (twice weekly) cleansing of the affected area.

Antibiotics administered orally help speed up the resolution of the skin lesions.

Topical antibiotic solutions such as Clindmycin (Cleocin-T) are effective in speeding resolution of the lesions.

Regular cleaning with benzoyl peroxide gel can be helpful if your cat will cooperate with treatment.

Some cats are affected as a one time problem, but others may require intermittent treatment one to three times per year.

Other Information:

[#Pet Name] should be re-examined if the condition has not noticeably improved in 3 weeks.

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