Staff Members

Jennifer - Receptionist - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital

Jennifer – Receptionist

Jennifer has been a receptionist at Agoura Hills Animal Hospital for the past 14 years. Jennifer began her career in veterinary medicine just out of high school & has spent most of her adult life working in the field. After a brief time in the human medical field, she found it was more rewarding to work with both two & four-legged creatures. Jennifer says the deep connections that she sees between humans & the animals they love restore her faith in humanity on a daily basis. When not at the animal hospital, Jennifer teaches yoga classes, enjoys hiking outdoors with her new pup, Pony Ma, & adventures around town with her husband. She has a great love for family and is extremely proud of her son, who is frequently traveling overseas and excelling in Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Jorge - Technician - Agoura Hills Animal

Jorge – Technician

Jorge has been part of the Agoura Hills Animal Hospital family since 2001, but has been working in the animal field since 1992. He started in a pet store, soon after became a groomer, and then decided he loved working with animals so much he wanted to become a technician! In his spare time Jorge and his daughter like to attend fundraisers, festivals and award shows. They have an adorable teeny tiny dog named “Tinkerbell” who comes to work to play during the day.

Debbie - Technician - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital

Debbie – Technician

Debbie was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She grew up in Chatsworth riding horses. Her love for animals drew her to the veterinary field where she was trained as a veterinary assistant. She later went on to complete a medical assistant course and worked for many years in the human field, but was eventually drawn back to working in the veterinary field because that is where she is the happiest. In her spare time Debbie enjoys spending time with her children and being outdoors.

Angie - Receptionist - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital

Angie – Receptionist

Angie is currently majoring in communications at Moorpark College. She has always had a profound love for animals and she has grown up around them. Angie is ecstatic about being a part of Agoura Animal Hospital’s team. She enjoys being of service to the people and their furry friends!

Ashlie - Registered Veterinary Technician - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital

Ashlie – Registered Veterinary Technician

Ashlie graduated from Los Angeles Pierce College in 2007. Since then she has worked in general and emergency animal practices and has taught animal care courses for two local colleges. In her spare time she enjoys taking her two Chihuahua mixes for hikes around the Griffith Park Observatory.

Brandee - Receptionist - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital

Brandee – Receptionist

Brandee is currently studying Communications at Pierce College in hopes of transferring to Cal Poly Pomona. Before working at Agoura Hills Animal Hospital she assisted in fostering animals and finding them new homes. Although new to this hospital, her love for animals runs very deep. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, and bible studies.

Bryan - Technician - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital

Bryan – Technician

Bryan has been a veterinary technician since 2007, and has been with Agoura
 Hills Animal Hospital since 2016. He has a passion for exotic animals and 
in his free time he volunteers as a veterinary technician at America’s 
Teaching Zoo in Moorpark. He is a graduate of the Exotic Animal Training
 and Management program from Moorpark College, and a skilled dog trainer. At 
home he spends his time outdoors with his black lab Cali.

Kristy – Technician - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital

Kristy – Technician

Kristy has recently graduated with her bachelors in Zoology from Humboldt State University and is a new addition to our team here at Agoura Hills Animal Hospital. She is also an educator at Santa Barbara Zoo and strives to continue onto veterinary school. In her free time she enjoys hiking and riding her bike.

Genna - Technician - Agoura Hills Animal Hospital

Genna – Technician

One of the newest staff members is Genna. She is currently attending the 
Pre-Vet program at Los Angeles Pierce community college and hoping to apply 
to veterinary school in the near future. During her free time she likes 
dancing with her five pet birds and hiking with her dogs.

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